I don’t have many regrets in my life but what happened last weekend to me would definitely be one of them. I’m a little embarrassed to even mention it here.  I was out with some friends and on my way home I got pulled over and was charged with a DUI. I never in my life have been in trouble with the law before which makes this whole thing even worse. What also makes it worse was I almost didn’t go out to begin with. I got home from work that day and was all intent on just taking it easy at home by myself. I had bought a new PlayStation 3 game on Amazon and it came in the mail that day and I was going to play that and just chill.  Around 8:00 my phone rang and it was my friend Tyler telling me I had to come out with him and some other people. I hesitated and thought about it and a large part of me wanted to say no but for some reason I said yes and the rest as they say is history.

There aren’t many good things about this but I at least was let go the same night because I was so cooperative and not hostile like I’m sure a lot of drunk drivers are. I had to pay for a cab and the next day had to pay to get my car out of an impound lot which wasn’t cheap. I know this whole thing is going to cost me a lot but I hope by retaining a good DUI attorney in Sarasota I can get some leniency by the judge. I have asked a few people that I know have been in my situation and they all told me that the first one while bad isn’t too bad. They all also told me never to get a second one as then I’m probably looking at some jail time and losing my license for years on end.

Anyways that is pretty much what I’m dealing with in my life at the moment. I wish I could have written about something much happier but that isn’t the case. I plan on updating this as much as I can so check back and I will let you know how things turned out. My first court date isn’t until the middle of next month so I have a lot of worrying to do before it gets here.