I Love Car Shopping

I love buying a new car.  It’s not the joy of having a new car (ok, it’s kind of that), and it’s certainly not having to shop around for car insurance rates, but it’s the process of buying it.  Car salesmen always assume that since I’m a woman, I don’t know much about cars, nor […]

Doing More

I want to do more traveling.  As I approach middle age (depending on your definition of “middle age”) I realize that I’ve spent a lot of my life in “planning mode” and not so much time in “doing mode.”  Of course, that’s a results of my personality which is naturally to be cautious and not […]

Is It Spring Yet?

I can’t believe how warm it has been recently.  Seriously, what is going on?  Last week it was 8 degree outside.  Single digits.  Freezing.  And then two days ago it was 56.  Fifty six!  And then today it’s 18 and snowing.  What is going on? A few days ago it was awesome I went for […]

Inner Outer Synergy

As you know I am interested in making some positive changes in my life, including not only inner changes (such as mindset), but also outer changes (such as productivity). I’ve seen some discussion relating to whether these changes should start from the inside and manifest outward, or start from external changes and be brought inward.  […]

Physical and Mental Positivity

I just realized the other day that amidst all my self improvement, positive energy type stuff that has been going on recently, I’ve actually been neglecting to work on any real physical improvement. In the past I was really into working out and went to the gym a few times a week.  I wasn’t really […]

Making Changes

Over the past year or two I’ve increasingly wanted to change some things about myself. To name a few, I’d like to be more forgiving of people who do wrong by me; more emotionally self-reliant (not needing other people to be happy and instead having my happiness come from myself); less prone to over-thinking and […]

Perspective From a Guy

I don’t usually do this, but here is something one of my male friends wrote about going out alone as a guy.   I’ll post my response later, I just want to let this churn for a while right now. Yeah, it’s hard to get past. I”m still pretty self-conscious about it if it’s a new […]

Avoiding Negativity

Just to be clear, do not try to derive happiness and positive energy from your relationships (well, at least not romantic relationships). Doing that is a quick fix but will not work in the long run, and will make you dependent. But you will find that relationships will be much better when you are a […]

Focus Your Efforts on the Positive

I think that we have a negative emotional center and a positive emotional center. Some people have a lot of energy invested in negative emotions, like anger, hatred, and so forth. Other people are merry, jolly, cheery, etc because they have chosen to invest in positive emotions. These are the people that you will be […]