I want to do more traveling.  As I approach middle age (depending on your definition of “middle age”) I realize that I’ve spent a lot of my life in “planning mode” and not so much time in “doing mode.”  Of course, that’s a results of my personality which is naturally to be cautious and not just jump into things.  I have friends who are kind of like that, though.  It simultaneously strikes me as exciting as well as kind of foolhardy.  I remember one of my friends in college was telling me about how she was at a concert and she met these cool guys who were on a road trip and she decided to go with them on their trip.  I was like “what?  You don’t even know these guys!  How was that even safe?!”  Not to mention the fact that I don’t think many people could just up and go on a road trip without making prior arrangements, you know, like letting people at your job know you’re not going to be there, packing some clothes, etc.

But she did it and had a good time, and that’s totally her personality.  She’s like a free spirit and just kind of does what she feels like in the moment.

The thought of doing that terrifies me, but more power to her if that’s her truth.

But I do want to travel.  I want to go to Indonesia and check out their markets, see their temples, eat some spicy satay, and visit their temples.  I want to visit all the main islands, stay in a hotel Bandung, have a meal with strangers, and learn to speak the local language.

I think I’m going to do that this summer.  Like I said, I always think about these things I want to do, but I always come up with a reason as to why I shouldn’t do them.  It’s either like I need to save money, or I can’t take the time off from work, or I’m not confident enough, or whatever.  But I’m getting to the point where I’m looking back and starting to regret some of the things that I didn’t do, so I want to go do more stuff so I don’t continue to feel this way as I get older.  I’ve always heard that you regret the stuff you didn’t do more than the stuff you did do, and I’m starting to see there may be some truth to that.