I think that we have a negative emotional center and a positive emotional center. Some people have a lot of energy invested in negative emotions, like anger, hatred, and so forth. Other people are merry, jolly, cheery, etc because they have chosen to invest in positive emotions. These are the people that you will be able to stand being around in the long term, you tend to just float along when you are around them. The others who operate in the negative emotional sphere tend to drag you down, make you focus on very small issues as if it was a big deal, make you exert extraneous efforts just to appease them. Get off the sinking ship, if the boat won’t float then don’t dry to fix it. Get out there with positive people and add your positivity, so you don’t end up with emotional deficits.

That being said, there will always be that one thing that goes wrong. We all have a tendency in completely demonizing someone just because they denied us one little thing and it didn’t go our way. We need to be careful and take the good with the bad in stride, to get past it and realize that they are doing a lot of good for us, more good than bad.