I can’t believe how warm it has been recently.  Seriously, what is going on?  Last week it was 8 degree outside.  Single digits.  Freezing.  And then two days ago it was 56.  Fifty six!  And then today it’s 18 and snowing.  What is going on?

A few days ago it was awesome I went for a run outside and it seems everyone else was doing the same because I ran into like 3 of my neighbors.  It felt weird to be wearing shorts in January, but it was certainly warm enough!  Sometimes in the winter I’ll either go to the gym and run on an elliptical, or if it’s not too windy I’ll bundle up and still go for a run outside.  I don’t necessarily mind the cold because I can always wear layers and a scarf and that type of thing; what bothers me is the wind, especially when you’re running into it.

So anyway, 56 degrees in January is nuts, although it did make me feel like summer was almost here and kind of served as reminder of how much I want to get into shape this summer.  In addition to running (which I’ve been very good about keeping up with so far), I’m considering changing my diet around a bit and maybe even using some supplements.  I’ve been reading about the paleo diet which basically says you’re supposed to eat like how a caveman would’ve eaten.  Lots of meat and veggies and not many processed foods, wheats, or that type of thing.  I mean, I think it does kind of make sense, at least as far as avoiding processed foods.  But I do like some of the things you’re not supposed to eat, though, like grains.  We’ll see.  I’ve also thought about trying green coffee bean extract, not as like a crazy weight loss drug, but just for a little extra help in the short term getting myself ready for the summer.  It’s made from coffee beans while they’re still green (before they’re roasted).  I just always assumed they were dark since that’s how you always see them in the store.

So that’s what’s new with me.  I’m pretty excited for summer to get here so I can put all my winter coats in storage and bust out my flip flops.  Maybe I’ll even buy a convertible.  Just kidding.  I actually don’t like riding in convertibles because all the wind messes up my hair.