Over the past year or two I’ve increasingly wanted to change some things about myself. To name a few, I’d like to be more forgiving of people who do wrong by me; more emotionally self-reliant (not needing other people to be happy and instead having my happiness come from myself); less prone to over-thinking and worrying (things I do a lot right now); and have lower expectations out of life and other people.

I feel like these things are all linked together, and all sort of come from a mindset of insecurity and such-like. I used to have anxiety attacks and I’m aware that many of the traits I’ve listed are negative thinking habits that contribute to anxiety issues

This isn’t the most coherent post ever from me.  My basic question is, how can one change such thought patterns? Especially when, as I feel, they’re rooted pretty deep in my personality? How can I go from being over-thinking and having overly high expectations to being more laid back? Sometimes I feel like I have a grasp on who I am now, and what I want to change to improve myself, but very little idea of how to go about doing that.

Anyways, I’d really appreciate any advice on this. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone here can relate to this!