Really I would like to start working out. I am thinking about going for a run every morning just to start and I think that might be a good way to get into things. I will have to start with a shorter distance so I don’t end up getting sore and then not being able to run the next day. I think that after I d o that for a while I will start to stem out and move on to other forms of working out like weight lifting and maybe some body weight stuff, too. I think that I would like to learn how to do some weight exercises so I can get in the gym and walk over to the bar and load up a ton of weight and blast out the poundages like crazy. Of course that probably won’t happen because I don’t think I would ever be able to do that but it was a funny idea.

While I am learning about all this sexercise stuff I always want to see if I can find out more about some of the supplements I have been hearing about like garcinia cambogia which i s supposed to be able to help epeople lose weight but I don’t know if that is something that I would need. I think that i am just going to star tout like LIke I said by running and then if there are some other exercises I want to add into everything I’ll do that. Th eother thing I will need to do is make sure that I am running in a good road where everything is nice a nd flat so I don’t step in any weird areas. I think that the roads where I live will work for that so I am going to see what i can find. I will probably also want to get some workout gear so I can feel like I am an official this. The one thing that I am also considering is whether I should run on days when it is really rainy or snowing. I mean I know tha tsome people will run no matter what but I think that I would rather just stay in when that happens because I don’t want to be out there dealing with the rain and stuff. The other thing is that I am going to want to amke sure that I get enough miles to make it worth my effort.