Getting everything set up is what I Have been working on. I have to figure out what I want to do about my episodes that I watch. There are a number of shows that I like and I need to find a way to watch them. I know there are a few options as far as where I can get them from but mostly I am looking for something that will be a good setup as far as the things I want to see. So there are a few local companies that I was looking at but I don’t really like them and I think I might pick a different company. I was looking at what is out there and there are a few but really none of them were what I wanted. So I was going to see what I could receive.

Now ATT has a good deal with uverse and I might see what I can do about that. There are some at&t coupon codes uverse that I will try to use because if I can get it for a good amount then I should. The thing I want to make sure of though is that they have everything I want and it’ snot like something where you don’t get all the channels or whatever. Since I don’t know much about that I Figure I will see if I can find stuff about it.

The other thing is that I am going to make sure my collection of magazines is up to date. I have some magazines I Read and I have them somewhere and I Need to get them because I want to have everything. I know that it’s kind of strange to keep them but I think they are exciting and that is why I do. The other thing with them is that there are some things about them that I like but I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do if I figure that I should probably just get the articles in other styling. However, since they are something I like that probably won’t occur. And then I have to get everything put where I think it would be useful. Having a collection is really the thing that I think kind of makes me a bit of a lover of all of these things because it’s like if you want to check something that you remember seeing you can just get it in the issue that it’s in, and that is the thing that I do. Making all of this into a storage option that works for me is the reason I have them in the frequent shelf.