I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my week of vacation coming up. My company is a little weird in that they make you take half of your vacation by the middle of the year or you lose it. They say that saves everybody trying to take off two or three weeks around Christmas but I don’t believe that. It is always slow around that time of the year so why would they care if half the office was off. Anyways I don’t want to complain the whole time about work because I know nobody wants to read that.

I do know that I want to get my office at home organized so I will probably spend a day or two doing that. I saw some really nice wire racks that I want to order for starters. I have so much stuff scattered around in there that I don’t even like being in there unless I need to use my computer. I stay on my phone or laptop otherwise. The thing is I like using my computer for certain things especially gaming. I play a lot of games or used to and would like to get back into it. My friend Neil told me about this really cool one coming out next month. I saw some screen caps and it looks like it will be right up my alley. Now that I’m talking about this I just want to go home and play something. I am at work right now on my lunch break in case you were wondering. I didn’t feel like going out so I just picked up something from the work cafeteria and came back to my desk to eat. Back when this place opened they tried to say you weren’t allowed to eat at your desk but that didn’t last long. I remember this guy Kevin that used to work here on the very first day did it. Our boss didn’t say anything and soon enough that little rule was forgotten.

Well I’m going to wrap this up pretty soon. I have exactly 13 minutes until I need to log back in and I want to go hit up the cafeteria again to get a dessert. They have ice cream sandwiches that I like so I’ll probably get one of those. I’m trying to eat better but those things are too good to pass up.