Blogging is something I enjoy because it lets me talk about whatever I want and all the people who read my blog can see what I have to say, post their own comments, etc. I’ll write about whatever I think of and there are some cases where I might not even write about anything too interesting, but it’s still something I like to do. I encourage myself to try and think about things from other standpoints. I have a friend who told me that she wants to get into blogging and asked me how to begin. I told her that she really just has to write! Just start typing about whatever it is you want to share. She said she had been writing a few things down but she wasn’t sure how she should go about organizing them on a website. She doesn’t even know anything about making a website and I told her that wasn’t really an issue because there are sites that make it super easy. There is Livejournal, which everyone has heard of, where people write about all sorts of stuff. And then there’s another blog called Weebly which basically does all the formatting and everything for you and you just have to write your own posts. Of course there are others, too, like Webs. And you’ve probably heard of WordPress. And then there are even less thought of ones like certain others. I think it’s really a matter of looking at them and seeing which one works the best for you. Most of them are free, and a few have options you can pay to upgrade even if the basic features don’t cost anything.

So basically she just needs to start working on it and checking out those sites and seeing which one she likes the best. There are some blogs I like to read, and I know that some people read mine, but one of the things that is cool about the internet is you can really read whatever you want so if someone finds your site and likes it, they can see what you have to share. And if you find something you like it works the same way. My bookmarks are full of sites that I like to read, and some of them are even sites that I visit on a regular basis. I think that is the goal for most, but even if no one reads your site you should still write if you like it.